PSA Designation: What is it?

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PSA Designation: What is it? What does it mean to you as a client?

PSA stands for Pricing Strategy Advisor…

     There are hundreds of REALTORS® and trying to figure out which one will work for you can be challenging.  I thought long and hard about what would make me better able to serve my clients and meet their needs to the best of my ability. What I came up with was the more you know the better you can educate your clients to help them achieve their real estate needs.  Designations are obtained through meeting certain education and experience benchmarks in our field. Four reasons you want a REALTOR® with a PSA are:

Focused Training on Pricing

     Everyone wants to make a good deal whether you are selling or buying a home. No one wants to overpay or make less money. In order to  earn the PSA designation I had to  complete an in-depth course on comparable pricing, valuation and market analytics. By choosing to earn the PSA designation, I had to test out of a  certification class. This education is a key component to accurately aiding my clients in creating the best buying or listing price strategies for their transaction. I take my continuing educational opportunities seriously and value the importance of new ways to better serve my clients to protect their investments and returns.


Translation of Real Estate Lingo and Procedure 

         The added education in this program gave me additional knowledge to help guide my clients through the complex process of buying or selling a home. The additional training enables me to  break down a Comparative Market Analysis for clients and help them better understand the common terms used in real estate that may be unfamiliar. Also it allows me to answer questions like is the appraisal fair?  Was my offer good?  Am I getting the value out of my home?

Comparative Market Analysis

     Learning to use a comparative market analysis is key to pricing a home or finding out the value of a given property.  There are so many varying factors that determine the value of a property and what that means to each client.  A CMA uses comparable properties in the area to help determine the property of interest’s value. It is an in-depth breakdown of numerous factors and the current activity in your local market.

AN ASSET to Your Transaction

    Having confidence in your REALTOR® is important so the transaction can go smoothly and all parties be satisfied at the closing.  No two transactions are alike and there are always obstacles that can arise and have to be navigated.  With the completion of designations like the PSA, you can be reassured that I am doing everything I can to stay up on the current market trends and procedures that will allow me to better serve you.  I am willing to make the extra effort to help you market or purchase your home in your budget and protect your interest and investments in the process.

     Whether you choose me for your REALTOR® or someone else, do yourself a favor and ask about their continuing education.  Ask what additional training they have to better serve you! If you have a home that you are considering selling please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to do a CMA sit down, explain it and a marketing plan for your home!